Let It Snow

Meringue  quenelles  with caramel

Meringue quenelles with caramel

I’ve wanted to try to make this for a while, and what better time to have a go at Oeufs á la Neige (“Snow Eggs”) than on Christmas Eve? This dish of poached quenelles of meringue coated with caramel and floating on crème Anglaise is a favourite of my brother, and anything involving custard always wins my vote. Although my quenelle-forming skills may have been a little rusty, I have to say that I’m rather pleased with how it turned out. And hey, the proof of the pudding and all that! We could have drunk a Sauternes, a Tokaji or even a Cognac or a Grappa with it, but I have to admit that we enjoyed it on its own in anticipation of the overindulgence that is so typical of the following day.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Oeufs á la Neige , Snow Eggs or  Îles Flottantes : delicious whatever you call it

Oeufs á la Neige, Snow Eggs or Îles Flottantes: delicious whatever you call it